Mine mind :) by Erica Ng

A girl who is currently studying Journalism in HKU hopes to turn bubbles in mind to words :)


當你滿心安排好暑假的行程後,港台一通電話通知五天後面試。五天後,時間好像蠻熟悉,看看和歐研考試時間完全吻合。這時,只能感嘆生命好多時候都是冥冥中自有安排,鬱悶的心情加上圖書館外的狂風暴雨,好一個情景交融。實習機會泡湯了,書還是要唸,躲到友人工作的咖啡店,嚐了友人和甜品哥哥忙了一個下午弄的甜品,驅走不少郁悶。<br />

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